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SunBorne Energy develops, builds, and operates utility-scale solar power plants.  Our mission is to make solar energy grid-parity by 2015.


Our Approach and Plans

India’s power needs are increasing faster than most of the rest of the world. In spite of huge progress over the last few years, 40% of Indian citizens do not have access to electricity.  And any plans to fill this gap relies on oil, gas and coal.  Imagine what that will do to our air.  And our children.

We are dedicated to changing this reality.  With renewable energy we can stop this unnecessary (and destructive) dependence on fossil fuels.  And, unlike fossil fuels, we don’t have to import renewable energy, we don’t have to pay other countries for it.  Unlike fossil fuels, we have an abundance of renewable energy sources, all around us, waiting to be tapped.

Of all renewable energy sources, solar is the most abundant.  Just 10% of India’s deserts can power all our energy needs over the next decade.

Our biggest roadblock has been cost, but that too is being overcome.  Costs have dropped by a half in the past three years.  And in the next three years, solar power will be no more expensive than other forms of power.

A second roadblock is nighttime power.  Again, that too is being overcome.  Advances in storage technologies, in electrical and thermal storage, are now coming to market.

SunBorne is at the forefront of all these changes.  Our engineering and construction costs for solar PV plants are one of the lowest in India, while our plant output is one of the highest.  So the solar electricity from our plants is one of the lowest cost solar power in the country.

SunBorne is also pioneering technology development in solar-thermal. Our development team is ready to launch the lowest-cost solar thermal plant in the world, delivering power at the same price as solar PV plants, with the added benefit of storage. That’s right, solar power at night.

SunBorne Energy is committed and focussed towards putting its resources, skills and experience to pioneer the generation and distribution of affordable Solar Energy in India.

Our Current Projects

The SunBorne Energy team has over the past couple of years, built high-quality execution capabilities, and successfully constructed over 20MW of solar assets, and another 100MW under development.

This has been made possible with in-house engineering led execution and procurement, followed by managing operations. We also have over 500 acres in our possession, with additional large-scale acquisition capabilities.

We were also the first to establish limited-recourse project debt with Indian banks such as State Bank of Patiala, Exim Bank, Canara Bank and State Bank of Travancore.

Our Development team is working on the largest Public-Private-Partnership development projects in solar R&D with the Government of India, that is ready to deliver the lowest-cost solar thermal power in India.

Our three projects completed, are as follows:

1. 15 MW Plant in Gujarat
2. 3MW Plant in Rajasthan
3. 5 MW Plant in Rajasthan

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